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How Medicine Should Be

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a growing movement of independent physicans who want to get back to patient-centered care. Medical care where your doctor is  available 24/7 and house calls are the norm (Did you ever see the TV show 'Royal Pains'?). Since we do not take insurance*, all the hassles and extra expenses are cast aside leaving us more time to care for you. An affordable Membership covers an incredible range of care and that's just the beginning!

Experience and Professionalism

With more than 30,000 hours logged in the Emergency Department as an attending physician, Dr. Evans brings a unique skill set to handle most of your medical needs. He and the Red Carpet Medicine team will also strive to help you live with vigor! It has been said that any average doctor can find disease, but a good doctor can find health.  We offer the most effective treatments and therapies personalized to you, including bioidentical hormonal therapies and many more.

Member Benefits

  • Unlimited access to the doctor, virtually 24/7 via phone, text, email and video (No joking! You have the doctor's cell number)
  • House calls, office calls or clinic (wherever is most convenient to you!)
  • No co-pay for visits
  • On-site wholesale pharmacy (routine medications at savings up to 85%)
  • Low-cost wholesale lab tests (up to 97% off lab prices elsewhere)
  • In-office and mobile tests and procedures are included at no extra charge, including: laceration repair, EKG, joint injections and many more. Other procedures are available at affordable rates
  • Discount radiology services (You will not believe the savings with this benefit alone!)  



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*Red Carpet Medicine is not insurance and it is strongly recommended that you have an insurance policy for more serious circumstances. We can help with finding a policy that covers you and may even save you enough to cover your Membership costs

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